Procurement, Sustainability & Adaptive Reuse Projects in Sydney

University of Melbourne
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Conference Proceeding
Citation:, 2018
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With large scale projects like Baragaroo about to flood the market with a large supply of office space, the city of Sydney is poised to undergo a change whereby existing office stock will be made available for adaptive reuse projects. Some 102,000m2 of office space is earmarked for residential conversion in Sydney due to the growing demand for centrally located residential properties and to help house a population that is expected to increase by 4% by 2031. Adaptive reuse projects have an inherent bent towards sustainability in that they make use of existing structures, which reduces economic, environmental, and societal impacts associated with demolishing existing structures to make way for new ones. This paper investigates how project owners can best select designers and builders for their adaptive reuse projects. Using case studies from completed adaptive reuse projects and literature review, this paper makes recommendations as to the best practices for the procurement of design and construction services for adaptive reuse projects in the Sydney market.
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