A high-level API to access centralised Australian rainfall and runoff data

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Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium 2014, HWRS 2014 - Conference Proceedings, 2014, pp. 653 - 660
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An overview of an Application Programming Interface (API) that was designed to allow high-level access to the Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR) data store is presented in this paper. Currently the ARR data is stored in a MySQL database that is hosted by the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the University of Technology Sydney yet, crucially, the API is designed in such a way as to abstract the developer from both the storage system and the technicalities of accessing the database. This will allow for future changes, such as shifting the data store to a different host or even another platform, such as PostgreSQL, with no changes to code and minimal changes to configuration settings. The API itself is comprised of a set of C and Fortran (95 or later) wrappers that handle the connection to, querying of and disconnection from the data store. Three connection options are available that trade transactional speed against transport security. To maximise the use of this API it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution V3.0 License, which allows developers to embed the library within their own software provided said use is acknowledged. That third party software may, in turn, be open source, closed source, commercial or a combination thereof. It is intended that this API will be maintained and extended as additional data sets are added and that additional access routines will be developed for other languages such as Python and MATLAB.
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