Homicide Rumours

Sound of Failure
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Sound of Failure, Images, video and audio from the annual sound art festival; Melbourne Internal Arts Festival (Holly Crawford's Sound Art Limo); Loop Gallery, Newcastle
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Research Background Current international developments in the field of media art have seen the exploration of ideas or issues move to the foreground and focus on the mediums and technology to the background. Works exploring ideas, however, often overlook the need for art to experiment both with the conceptual approach to the theme and with new formal and aesthetic ways of re-engaging audiences with ideas with which they are familiar. Further, for media art works exploring memory and place, the theme is often approached through a romantic and individual sense of memory and a static sense of place. There is a need to research the porous borders of mediated public and private memories of place and to explore the emotional and social effects of the cultural imaginary on the audience's perception of memory and place. Research contribution Homicide, a significant Australian TV series from the 1970s was set on the streets of Melbourne between 1964-76. Rumour of Homicide returned to those "same" Melbourne streets, characters and scenes through a sound mashup. It used recorded performance intersecting with archival material in a way that played between disruption and seamlessness, disturbing the sense of time and place. Listened to in the Sound Art Limo while driving through those very streets added to the sense of the uncanny and haunted inflection that media brings to the relationship between memory and place. Research Significance The significance of the work is attested by the fact that it was invited by international curator, Holly Crawford, for the Sound Art Limo, Melbourne International Arts Festival (2007) and then as an installation in group exhibitions in Loop Gallery, Newcastle (2009 - as part of the launch Renew Newcastle) and Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Sydney (2008)
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