Liquid Architecture 8 Sydney

Performance Space, Carriageworks
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Background Liquid Architecture, Australia's national festival of sound arts, made a successful Sydney debut in 2005, developing audiences for sound art through diverse, high quality programming. 2006 saw the challenge of growing the festival while maintaining quality and critical focus. Contribution In addition to previously included forms such as musique concrete and free improvisation, Liquid Architecture 7 Sydney expanded its policy of developing audiences through inclusivity by embracing sound poetry (Amanda Stewart), the contemporary classical world of New Music (composers Ros Bandt, Garth Paine and Michael Atherton) as well as new international connections, through the 'Swiss Australian Collectibles', an international project between Swiss composers and Melbourne musicians. The program of artist talks was also expanded to include panel discussions and instrument building workshops and masterclasses. Significance Tony Osborne, writing in RealTime, said that the festival "set up exciting juxtapositions and provoked plenty of interesting debate" which means that the festival achieved its curatorial goals, building on its previous success and continuing to attract and develop audiences with new work and opportunities to engage with sound in its many forms.
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