Liquid Architecture 6 Sydney

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Background Experimental music and sound art events in Sydney have mostly occurred in artist run spaces, which are often not appropriate for focused listening and deep engagement with work. Such events are also often genre-specific, serving niche subcultures. Liquid Architecture was founded in Melbourne in 2000 as a 'sense-specific' (rather than genre-specific) festival of sound arts. In 2005 it was brought to Sydney by curators Shannon O'Neill and Ben Byrne who adapted the festival's concept for the Sydney context. Contribution Liquid Architecture 6 Sydney contributed greatly to audience development for sound arts in Sydney by presenting a focused yet diverse program of performances, artist talks and screenings, with over 500 people attending over four days. The festival's unique diversity meant that audiences that may have attended for one type of music, such as the musique concrete of France's Eric La Casa and Jean Luc Guionnet, were also exposed to the minimal techno of Berlin's Thomas Brinkmann, the experimental hip hop of Melbourne's Beta Erko, the reductionist improvisation of the Splinter Orchestra, and the historically important Sydney soundscape artists Social Interiors. Furthermore audiences had the opportunity to meet the artists and discuss their work at the artist talks. Significance As Gail Priest wrote in RealTime "Liquid Architecture 6 is now a true celebration of the aural sense, with a fearless drive and ambition, aiming to shift expectations, challenge and develop audiences and to take the idea of a soundart festival to the next level (perhaps like Mutek and early Sonars)." This puts the event on a par with some of the most prestigious and successful international festivals of sound art. The success of the first Liquid Architecture festival in Sydney led to it becoming an annual event which is still going in 2010.
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