Wide Open Road

ABC Radio National; ABC Online
Wide Open Road, 2008
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Contribution: Original idea and series co-producer (with Tom Morton); original research, interviews, editing, scripting and production of documentaries (excluding final mix); complete production of all short radio packages; website concept; online text and photography. Evidence: www.abc.net.au/wideopenroad. Description: This series examines the relationship between Australian popular music and the physical and cultural environment of Australian musicians from the 1970s to the present, and is a significant contribution to the social and cultural history of Australian popular music. Wide Open Road is an innovative cross platform project, using recorded material in a variety of ways to attract a large audience from a range of demographics. It was broadcast in various long form feature durations (from 45-59 minutes) on triple j, ABC Radio National, Radio Australia, and ABC Local Radio. Twelve short packages about specific songs were produced for ABC Local Radio, and a series of half hour radio interviews for ABC Radio National. The website featured extended interviews of 29 artists, links, photographs, song downloads and an interactive map of Australian lyrics. An audio CD of songs from the series was also released through ABC music. Significance: The series was an innovative crossplatform project for ABC Radio, providing content in various formats across four radio networks and online. The broadcast of feature programs on triple j is rare, and on ABC Local radio, even rarer, so this series established a place for the long form feature across networks if the material is appropriate for a range of audiences. The programs required extensive research and approximately 40 hours of original interview recordings. Part One of the series, Road, was featured at the 2009 International Features Conference in Dublin, Ireland.
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