Not the Powerbrokers (APEC Articles)

Canberra Times
Canberra Times, 2007
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The author published ten pieces of journalism in the Canberra Times and challenged the dominant discourse by using extensive interviewing, surveys and analysis to develop fresh understanding of the political dynamic behind the protests. Mainstream news media focused on politicians and powerbrokers; and Government spin which claimed Sydney would be unaffected began with John Howard and Anne Fullwood on youtube claiming that violent protestors would disrupt the event. The question asked was: What were the dissenting voices at APEC? These ten pieces of journalism explored new ways of giving dissenting political voices access to mainstream media I used advanced journalism research methods, including researched interviews, surveys and analysis of the available literature, in this case, representation of the range of those opposing APEC's position - and even existence - in print and broadcast [yes]. A successful way of repressing dissent in the mainstream media is to black them out. Repressing dissent can be as simple as blacking dissenters out of the media.The aim of my stories and columns about the protesters at APEC was to give a voice to those ignored in the most of the mainstream media. Contribution I focused on protest for the duration of APEC and developed a number of significant stories on its impact in Australia, varying from serious breaches of human rights to impact on local business. By developing sources in community groups my journalistic research brought into the public sphere an understanding of how police strategies - including the impoundment of a protest bus - were containing both the protestors - and the motivating ideologies behind the protests. Significance This research developed new knowledge about the protests and gave voice to the protestors who had been marginalized in the mainstream media. The articles filled a gap in media representation
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