Sperm Wars: Parts One and Two

ABC Radio National
Big Ideas, 2005
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Description: A two part series exploring the ethical issues and conflicts around the use of sperm in assisted reproduction, and the cultural anxieties surrounding debates over parenthood. Part one compares the legal framework for the exchange of sperm in various countries including Denmark, Britain, India, the United States and Australia, the commercialization of sperm and attempts to restrict access and to define conditions for the use of sperm. Part Two explores the consequences of sperm donation, with interviews from biological and nonbiological parents, donors, and children of assisted reproduction.The book chapter focused on the international sale of sperm, and the commercialization of sperm donation-, It expanded on information and analysis broadcast in the Sperm Wars series. Significance: This series required extensive original research, and combined information and analysis with first person stories and a highly creative approach to production. The series was a comprehensive look at an increasingly contentious issue and combined many arguments and experiences in a highly listenable program. The series was broadcast on ABC Radio National's Big Ideas program, which seeks to explore complex issues of significance to a national audience.At the time of writing, changes in legislation in many countries had led to a shortage in sperm supplies in many parts of the developed world including Australia. The result was a commercial market for sperm, and an international trade not only in the sale of sperm but also in reproductive tourism. The chapter outlined the practices of sperm supply companies in a number of countries and provided a comparative analysis of regulations and their consequences in a range of regions including Europe, the United States, Australia and India.
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