Broadway One

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SIGGRAPH 2004 Electronic Art and Animation Catalogue
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ARTIST STATEMENT When we watch a film, we accept music as a natural part of the work. More generally, the sound track is recognised as a crucial element in the quality of the film in its total sense. However, at times the music is thought of as an accompaniment to the visual element, whereas it might alternatively be thought of as having equal weight and importance. By far the most interesting integration, however, is where the music and the visual element are equal so that, for example, one can see a visual display as one instrument in which other instruments, such as violins, happen to produce sound. The compo- sition of such work can begin either with the music or the visual or swap between them. Alternatively, it might begin from some more abstract description or notation that can be mapped into either sound or image. TECHNICAL STATEMENT The work is displayed on a wall-mounted plasma screen, with sound relayed over a small pair of audio monitors or headphones. It is a generative piece that is written using Max/MSP/Jitter software running on a Macintosh computer. This is a graphic programming environment for sound, image, and interaction, which provides an ideal system for exploring the correspondence between sound and image. In this work, which is part of a series, the artists and programmers use pre- defined colors that are specified as RGB values and two-dimensional bars specified as co-ordinates. These correspond to synthetic sounds that occupy temporal rather than spatial positions.
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