A Year On The Road

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Background A Year on the Road was curated into the Sound Of Failure Festival to engage with the theme of the festival, the aesthetics of error, the glitch, the break in continuity. It did so by employing a algorithmically determined relationship between sound and image. The audio element of the performance was designed to interact with the image in a structure designed around the ideas of fractal editing observed in data averaging the form of traditional Hollywood cinema editing over decades.Contribution Using these techniques (generated in the composition of the soundtrack using the software Nodal) the piece posits a way forward in the live image sound relationship. Pairing the performance of carefully constructed wave like sound structures with more organically played image sequences. Significance This new piece forms a work of significant research in finding a new language for the relationship between sound and image based on the meta structure of traditional cinematic language. It forms the basis for the compositions and performances.
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