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Isola del Giglio
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Background Second Life (SL) is an online 3d environment created by its users, who can meet together in the same place to discuss, role-play, design, write collaborative narratives, and build their own virtual worlds. SL provides an immersive, interactive, multimodal experience, Isola del Giglio is a SL simulator I created in 2008 as a meeting and discussion point where UTS International Studies students could meet together and with staff to discuss their research projects. Contribution In 2008 researched and developed Isola del Giglio. Isola del Giglio is designed as a virtual island, set in an imagined geographical location evocative of the Mediterranean. My contribution consisted in developing the concept of the project, landscaping. designing and maintaining the site and producing a short machinima (animation film) to document the island and its use by International Studies students and staff. Significance The project started with virtual ethnographic research of several different sites in SL from recreational spaces, gaming sims and educational sites in order to understand the affect of the designed environment on its users. Most universities in SL simply reproduce replicas of existing campuses, some with 'classrooms' and 'lecture theatres'. On the contrary Isola was built as an innovative 'open' space with different models of communication in mind to generate innovative learning and teaching experiences.
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