Monash University Museum of Art/Museo de Arte Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Look Slowly/A Mirar Despacito!: venia un dolor abatido..., 2003, 1, pp. 4 - 10
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"Look Slowly/A Mirar Despacito!: Venia un dolor abatido ..." Book and exhibition text to accompany images for the TypicalslTipicos exhibition and associated publication by Silvia Velez, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, Australia, March-May 2003; and Museo de Arte Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia, May-JUly, 2003. Explanation: I was one of seven writers from three countries invited in 2003 by the Colombian-born, Australianresident artist (photographer and installation artist), Silvia Veiez, for her exhibition and accompanying publication: TypicalslTipicos. Since my contribution, like that of the other invited writers, became an integral feature of both the exhibition and the book, I regard it is an N1 Creative work, which has resonances with my research work and interests in developing new knowledge about processes of transculturation and linguistic code-switching in the Americas. My contribution, "venia un dolor abatido ...," represents further a creative intervention into trans-American debates over transculturation, in that it involved a textual response in Spanish and English to a series of images whose context was unknown to me; the artist then attempted a simultaneous translation of the text into Spanish and English as appropriate. My contribution is the opening of both exhibition and book, and follows the artist's own ruminations on the genesis of her project, Look Slowly/A mirar despacito!, while also framing the interventions of the remaining writers who contributed to the project. The exhibition was also significant in that it was shown in two countries, at the following venues: Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, Australia, from March to May 2003; and Museo de Arte Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia, from May toJuly, 2003. The book accompanying the exhibition, TypicalslTipicos, has the ISBN 0-646-42221-9.
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