Application-oriented robust design optimization method for batch production of permanent-magnet motors

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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2017, 65 (2), pp. 1728 - 1739
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© 2017 IEEE. From the perspective of industrial production, the design and optimization of electrical machines are application oriented, including maximizing production quality and minimizing production cost in terms of different manufacturing conditions. To achieve these goals, this study presents an efficient application-oriented robust design optimization method for permanent-magnet (PM) motors. The method consists of two main contributions. The first one is the development of an overall optimization strategy, including qualitative and quantitative analyses to provide possible options for an application. Multiphysics analysis, uncertainty analysis, production cost, and optimization models need to be investigated. The second one proposes a multilevel optimization method for the high-dimensional robust design problem of each option. To illustrate the advantages of the proposed method, PM motorswith soft magnetic composite cores are investigated for domestic applications. The design optimization is conducted in terms of three motor options and three batch production volumes for both conventional deterministic and robust approaches, and it consists of 18 high-dimensional multiphysics optimization problems in total. Main optimization results are presented and discussed. Experimental and simulation results are presented to validate the effectiveness of the proposed models and methods.
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