SmartSlab Digital Media System

Creator, Producer, Designer, Distributor
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Venice Biennale of Architecture
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Smartslab is a patented interactive digital display technology invented by Tom Barker. The system allows entire buildings, floors or ceilings to become digital displays. The pioneering technology draws 011 the optics of a fly's eye, composite aerospace panels, and advanced digital imaging software. SmartS lab uses a successful combination of aerospace materials, leading optical display technologies and established manufacturing techniques to produce a unique product. There are two distinct functions: (I) load bearing, highly impact resistant Structural Function; (2) illuminated display for static and animated images Display Function. This work has a high level of ongoing R&D and Smartslab developed products are currently being built in China by Coteo. The current research includes: interactivity, improvements to the current technologies, mobile phone connectivity and creative design applications. Designer, creator, producer, exhibitor, distributor. SmartS lab is the first product to fully integrate the functions ofa digital display within a structural building component that allows intelligent interaction with people and the built environment. The unique technology is developed from the optics ofa fly's eye & is unique. It was one of the first video display screens to allow physical architecture to merge with digital images by day and night. The first video system to be able to distribute video synchronously over Ethernet.
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