Reggiani Maantis Light

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A research and development project to design an innovative now and wholly integrated lighting solution, in terms of materials, manufacturing, systems and optics. The research investigated innovative materials and processes for manufacture, including unique co-extruded carbon fibre and po!ycarbonate, and coloured LED optics based on self-illuminating deep sea creatures. The optics presented for the 1-1r5t time in one moulding a combined reflector with diffuser for up and down lighting and directional lighting. Other advanced technologies included the investigation of laser cut panels as diffusers in test rig and prototype format. Energy saving was a dominant feature, looking at sensors to measure ambient daylight to allow dimming of office lights. The client was: Reggiani, Viale Monza 16,20050 Sovico - Milan, Italy. This research included the notion ofa smart "light" that for the first time simultaneously dealt with.- - user control - ambient effects - building management: safety (fire, smoke detection, security) H energy management - network/PCoperation - advanced interfaces (gesturing, voice, ctc.) H unique multi-functional optical system H advanced engineering composite materials ~ new manufacturing processes Designer, creator, producer, exhibitor, distributor. The Reggiani lighting design research and development was undertaken in partnership with and at the invitation of Richard Rogers Architects, who wanted Tom Barker to undertake the product research and development. As well as resulting in an elegant modular lighting form, the output brought together optics, materials and energy efficient control system in a way that represented a new level of product integration.
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