"Future of Design in Business" 2006 Fellowship Outputs

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"Future of Design in Business" fellowship involved research for the design/development and testing of complementary games. These were created specifically to introduce businesses to the value of design and in particular design process as a powerful source of strategic, creative, problem-solving, instrumental decision making. The games were developed to allow their repeated, productive use in companies. Games are very powerful agents of change because they challenge thinking in a non-confrontational and supportive/full way. The aim was to encourage businesses to "give the games a try". According to the UK Design Council's survey at the time of the Cox Report ("Cox Review of Creativity in Business: building on the UK's strengths", Published by HM Treasury 2nd December 2005), most UK companies have a very low opinion of design. More than half made no use of design either with staff, or with consultants. 58 percent of the firms surveyed in 2002 had neither developed nor introduced any new products or services in three years. The research undertaken with the London School of Economics was to develop processes whereby directors of significant companies and corporations could engage light-heartedly with the difficult issues they faced. Through gaming structures of thought trials were held to develop responses not easily predicted. The games enabled directors and their executive groups to think 'outside-the-box'. The research asked the question: 'how can the design imbalance be addressed in business?' For our own contribution, the research proposed inventive tools for design education to help businesses accelerate their uptake of design - ie: through 'bridging tools'. Research outputs were: evolution of "The Pack of Good Advice" pack of cards; evolution of 'The Marketplace Casino' brainstorming kit; a published research paper; a Design Victoria, Australia, workshop and seminar launching the games; A CNN Global Office feature for worldwide broadcast.
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