Triple-Mode Cavity Bandpass Filter on Doublet with Controllable Transmission Zeros

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Journal Article
IEEE Access, 2017, 5 pp. 6969 - 6977
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© 2013 IEEE. On the basis of doublet and its properties, a class of multiple-mode narrow band bandpasss filter is designed and fabricated by simultaneously exploiting the three resonant modes in a single rectangular cavity: TE101, TE011, and TM110 modes. The input/output ports of the proposed filter are fed by coupling a microstrip line to a slot on the side wall of a rectangular cavity. Different modes are excited by changing the position and shape of the two slots at input and output of the rectangular cavity without any intra-cavity coupling. Besides three poles within the passband, a pair of transmission zeros (TZs) is achieved, which can be controlled independently by setting the positions of the two TZs at the lower and/or upper stopband. High stopband attenuation and high filtering selectivity are achieved by considerably allocating three transmission poles and two zeros. In order to verify the proposed theory, two filter prototypes are fabricated and measured.
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