Cryptanalysis and improvement of efficient quantum dialogue using entangled states and entanglement swapping without information leakage

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Journal Article
Quantum Information Processing, 2017, 16 (9)
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© 2017, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC. The novel quantum dialogue (QD) protocol by using the three-dimensional Bell states and entanglement swapping (Wang et al. in Quantum Inf Process 15(6):2593–2603, 2016) is analyzed. It is shown that there is the information leakage problem in this QD protocol. To be specific, one quarter information of the secret messages exchanged is leaked out unconsciously. Afterward, it is improved to a truly secure one without information leakage. Besides, the security of the improved QD protocol is analyzed in detail. It is shown that the improved QD protocol has some obvious features compared with the original one.
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