Domain driven data mining

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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Technologies, 2008, pp. 196 - 223
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Quantitative intelligence-based traditional data mining is facing grand challenges from real-world enterprise and cross-organization applications. For instance, the usual demonstration of specific algorithms cannot support business users to take actions to their advantage and needs. We think this is due to quantitative intelligence focused data-driven philosophy. It either views data mining as an autonomous datadriven, trial-and-error process, or only analyzes business issues in an isolated, case-by-case manner. Based on experience and lessons learned from real-world data mining and complex systems, this article proposes a practical data mining methodology referred to as domain-driven data mining. On top of quantitative intelligence and hidden knowledge in data, domain-driven data mining aims to meta-synthesize quantitative intelligence and qualitative intelligence in mining complex applications in which human is in the loop. It targets actionable knowledge discovery in constrained environment for satisfying user preference. Domain-driven methodology consists of key components including understanding constrained environment, business-technical questionnaire, representing and involving domain knowledge, human-mining cooperation and interaction, constructing next-generation mining infrastructure, in-depth pattern mining and postprocessing, business interestingness and actionability enhancement, and loop-closed human-cooperated iterative refinement. Domain-driven data mining complements the data-driven methodology, the metasynthesis of qualitative intelligence and quantitative intelligence has potential to discover knowledge from complex systems, and enhance knowledge actionability for practical use by industry and business. © 2008, IGI Global.
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