Hierarchy Visualization for Group Recommender Systems

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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 2019, 49 (6), pp. 1152 - 1163
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© 2013 IEEE. Most recommender systems (RSs), especially group RSs, focus on methods and accuracy but lack explanations, hence users find them difficult to trust. We present a hierarchy visualization method for group recommender (HVGR) systems to provide visual presentation and intuitive explanation. We first use a hierarchy graph to organize all the entities using nodes (e.g., neighbor nodes and recommendation nodes) and illustrate the overall recommender process using edges. Second, a pie chart is attached to every entity node in which each slice represents a single member, which makes it easy to track the influence of each member on a specific entity. HVGR can be extended to adapt different pseudouser modeling methods by resizing group member nodes and pseudouser nodes. It can also be easily extended to individual RSs through the use of a single member group. An implementation has been developed and feasibility is tested using a real data set.
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