Novel Hybrid-Flux-Path Moving-Iron Linear Oscillatory Machine With Magnets on Stator

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IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2017, 53 (11)
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© 2017 IEEE. While having various desired merits of high structural robustness and thus reliability, high thrust density, low fabrication cost, and so on, the stator-magnet moving-iron transverse-flux linear oscillatory machine suffers from high consumption of rare-earth magnetic material (high material cost) and heavy flux leakage at the stator outer region (underutilization of permanent magnets). To mitigate the demerits, a novel stator-magnet moving-iron transversal-flux hybrid-flux-path linear oscillatory machine (SMTHLOM), with additional back iron and auxiliary radially magnetized ferrite magnets, is proposed in this paper. The topology and operational principle of the proposed SMTHLOM are explained in detail. The 3-D finite-element analysis is introduced to investigate the sensitivities of main structural parameters, which enables the selection of optimal dimensions. Based on a set of comparison rules, a comprehensive comparison was conducted between these two topologies on various key indicators, such as the back electromotive force, thrust, and thermal distribution. The simulation results show that the SMTHLOM is low cost and small stator outer flux leakage, and thus is more suitable for some applications, e.g., fridge compressors, requiring low cost and high thrust density.
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