Overlay RF-powered backscatter cognitive radio networks: A game theoretic approach

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Conference Proceeding
IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2017
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© 2017 IEEE. In this paper, we study an overlay RF-powered cognitive radio network with ambient backscatter communications. In the network, when the channel is occupied, the secondary transmitter (ST) can perform either energy harvesting or data transmission using ambient backscattering technique to a gateway. We consider the case that the gateway charges the ST a certain price if the ST transmits information. This leads to questions of how to determine the best price for the gateway and how to find the optimal backscatter time. To address this problem, we propose a Stackelberg game in which the gateway is the leader adapting the price to maximize its profit in the first stage. Meanwhile, the ST chooses its backscatter time to maximize its utility in the second stage. To analyze the game, we apply the backward induction technique. We show that the game always has a unique subgame perfect Nash equilibrium. Additionally, our results provide insights on the impact of the competition on the players' profit and utility.
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