Direct Power Control of Pulsewidth Modulated Rectifiers Without DC Voltage Oscillations under Unbalanced Grid Conditions

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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2018, 65 (10), pp. 7900 - 7910
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© 1982-2012 IEEE. Direct power control with space vector modulation (DPC-SVM) features simple structure, fast dynamic performance, and little tuning work. However, the conventional DPC-SVM cannot achieve accurate power control under unbalanced grid conditions. A modified DPC-SVM is thus proposed for accurate power control under both ideal and unbalanced grid conditions. Though the power control accuracy is improved when compared with the conventional DPC-SVM, it still suffers highly distorted grid current and dc voltage oscillations with an unbalanced network. Therefore, a power compensation method is subsequently derived aiming at the following targets: eliminating dc voltage oscillations, achieving sinusoidal grid current, and obtaining unity power factor. To that end, average grid-side reactive power and oscillations in converter-side active power are controlled as zero by simply adding a compensation to original power reference. Additionally, the proposed method does not require extraction of a positive sequence or negative sequence component of grid voltage. Compared with the conventional DPC-SVM in an ideal grid, only additional compensation of power reference is required. As a result, control performance can be significantly improved without substantial increase in complexity. The superiority of the proposed method over the prior DPC-SVM is validated by both simulation and experimental results obtained on a two-level pulsewidth modulation voltage source rectifier.
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