Unity power factor control of hybrid excited axial field flux-switching permanent magnet machine

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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of the 2017 20th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS), 2017
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Hybrid excited axial field flux-switching permanent magnet (AFFSPM) (HEAFFSPM) machine is a novel stator-excitation hybrid excited synchronous machine, which combines the advantages of AFFSPM machine and wound-field excitation machine. In this paper, the structure feature of HEAFFSPM machine is analyzed, and the mathematical model is established. In order to improve the power factor of drive system for the HEAFFSPM machine and make full use of the inverter capability, a kind of unity power factor (UPF) control method is proposed, and the operating performance of HEAFFSPM machine is investigated. The validity of the proposed control method is verified by the simulation and experimental research. The results indicate the UPF can be achieved at different speed and load while the constant torque region is extended by using the UPF control method compared with the zero d-axis current control.
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