Being a transdisciplinary researcher: skills and dispositions fostering competence in transdisciplinary research and practice

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Transdisciplinary research and practice for sustainability outcomes, 2017, pp. 77 - 92
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Transdisciplinary approaches to research and practice have widely been acknowledged as critical for tackling complex, messy and wicked sustainability problems that make a single disciplinary perspective of the problem inadequate (Hirsch-Hadorn et al. 2006; Lawrence 2010). In defi ning transdisciplinarity, the fundamental principles of such an approach to research and practice are to work in participatory ways and to tackle socially relevant issues with an overarching goal to transcend and integrate disciplinary paradigms (Pohl 2011). In this way a ‘unity of knowledge’, that goes beyond disciplines (Nicolescu 2002), is sought to improve the problem situation.
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