Modeling Requirements for Value Configuration Design

Springer Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
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Conference Proceeding
Business Process Management Workshops, 2008, pp. 169 - 178
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Breadth and depth complexity are key challenges in achieving business process fusion as the enabler for value configuration design. The PARM framework is proposed as the requirement to address breadth and depth complexity through the independent but integrated operation of the process, activity, resource and management viewpoints. The operational scenarios for each viewpoint result in varying process modeling extension requirements. Existing process modeling constructs have varying support for these requirements. The PARM framework solution is an extension and integration of existing modeling constructs rather than a solution in its own right. Using the MDA approach of abstracting a platform independent model from a platform specific implementation, it is the goal in future papers to define process modeling extensions to support the PARM framework and map these into existing implementation architectures.
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