Sound radiation from the open end of pipes and ducts in the presence of mean flow

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Proceedings of ACOUSTICS 2017 Perth: Sound, Science and Society - 2017 Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society, AAS 2017, 2017
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The radiation of sound from the open end of pipes and ducts is a common problem in environmental noise control. Examples include radiation from ductwork in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, noise emissions from exhaust stacks in industrial power plants, as well as radiation from turbofan engines. These open duct terminations represent a relatively simple mechanical structure; however, the acoustics is significantly more complicated and this is especially true when a mean gas flow is present. This article presents an efficient numerical model suitable for analysing sound radiation from an unflanged duct termination, and introduces a method for including a uniform mean fluid flow in the exterior region away from the termination. An example of sound radiation from a turbofan engine is then investigated.
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