Road vehicle alert system using IOT

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Proceedings - 25th International Conference on Systems Engineering, ICSEng 2017, 2017, 2017-January pp. 488 - 496
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© 2017 IEEE. The consequence of road accidents that involves a motorcycle is far more fatal for the rider than the other drivers. Yet, there has not been an effective vehicle alert system that can eliminate these avoidable motorcycle accidents caused by other drivers where they fail to notice the motorcycles. One of the major flaws with the existing vehicle alert systems is that it should not treat motorcycles as same as other vehicles as they take much longer time to brake than a cars do. Therefore, this project aimed to find an effective method to identify motorcycles and alert the other drivers when motorcyclists are around them in 20-meter radius. After extensive literature review, the best method to solve the problem is to use road side infrastructure based Internet of Things (IOT) that divides the network into a set of clusters. In this method to identify a vehicle, it is identifying the driver and the rider from their smartphone application that beacons custom, unique Media Access Control (MAC) addresses via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the IOT probes. The probe differentiates the users, registers them when they arrive into the network, alerts the driver about motorcycles around them and removes them from the database when they move to other cluster. The whole scenario is simulated using the OMNET++ simulator and INET framework to demonstrate how the methodology works. If the concept is implemented in real-life, many valuable lives of motorists will be much safer on the road.
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