Analytical solution to one-dimensional consolidation in unsaturated soil due to time-dependent exponential temperature and external step loading

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ICSMGE 2017 - 19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 2017, 2017-September pp. 757 - 760
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© 2017 19th ICSMGE Secretariat. All rights reserved. Recent experimental studies demonstrate that temperature changes may significantly influence the deformation of unsaturated soils. Thus, there is an essential need to develop a predictive framework for the unsaturated consolidation capturing non-isothermal effects. This paper introduces analytical solutions to predict the one-dimensional (1D) consolidation of unsaturated soil deposit while incorporating the time-dependent exponential temperature variation. The one-way drainage boundary system and the uniform initial condition are adopted for the mathematical derivation. In this study, governing equations under the non-isothermal condition are first obtained. Then, Fourier sine series and the Laplace transform technique are used to solve these governing equations and obtain the final solutions. This study highlights the combined effects of time-dependent exponential temperature and an external step loading on the excess pore pressures at various depths. It is predicted that the effects of exponential temperature on the dissipation process would be much attenuated at a lower depth.
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