Design of large power surface-mounted permanent-magnet motors using post-assembly magnetization

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Conference Proceeding
IECON Proceedings (Industrial Electronics Conference), 2007, pp. 204 - 209
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This paper reports the design process for the manufacture of higher power rare-earth permanent-magnet motors using post-assembly magnetization. With these machines, difficulties can be encountered in production using normal manufacturing processes due to the high intensity of rare-earth magnets that are pre-magnetized. Post-assembly magnetization utilizes the stator windings of a permanent-magnet motor to magnetize the magnets after complete assembly (so that the problem can be solved). However, with post-assembly magnetization, some parameters such as slot-fill factor, number of turns, wire diameter, etc., must be considered for the magnetization, as well as the motor operation. The machine design should be able to meet the required specification as a motor and ensure correct magnetization is possible. In this paper, a design process is described that incorporates the design considerations for post-assembly magnetization (for the requirements for complete magnetization) together with the design requirements for successful motor operation. A 6kW surface-mounted permanent-magnet motor is designed using the proposed process, and finite element analysis verifies the feasibility of the presented method. ©2007 IEEE.
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