Phosphorus security: Future pathways to reduce food system vulnerability to a new global challenge

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Global Resource Scarcity: Catalyst for Conflict or Cooperation?, 2017, pp. 59 - 72
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© 2018 selection and editorial matter, Marcelle C. Dawson, Christopher Rosin and Navé Wald; individual chapters, the contributors. Phosphorus is an element that has significant interdependence with global food security. It is essential for plant growth, and the demand for phosphorus from fossil resources (phosphate rock) has grown rapidly in the last 100 years. This mirrors many other resources; however, the implications of a peak in production may be more profound in this case due to the lack of substitutability, the geopolitical concentration of known reserves and the implications for farmers across the world. Another factor that makes phosphorus important in global environmental terms is the impact of increased phosphorus use on downstream environments due to eutrophication of waterways.
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