Legal Aspects of the Protection of Forest and Marine Biodiversity: Understanding the Context

Edward Elgar Publishing
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Protecting Forest and Marine Biodiversity The Role of Law, 2017, first, one pp. 3 - 26
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As highlighted by its title, this book seeks to contribute to the global discourse on promoting the conservation and sustainable use of marine and forest biodiversity through legal responses at the international, regional and domestic levels. Its scope is accordingly somewhat broad, which brings to mind the words of Kenneth Noland, namely that ‘for me context is the key – from that comes the understanding of everything’.1 Bearing this in mind, and not purporting to provide an understanding of everything, perhaps it would be prudent to use this chapter to set the necessary context to three broad issues. The first is the natural areas the book seeks to focus on – oceans and forests – with a view to highlighting their importance and the major threats posed to them. The second is the response of the international legal community pertaining to these areas, in an effort briefly to scope the international legal framework which informs, or should inform, the current and future effort of domestic law- and policy-makers to promote the conservation and sustainable use of marine and forest biodiversity. The third is a broad overview of the structure, form and content of the book.
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