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Metropolitan Governance in Asia and the Pacific Rim Borders, Challenges, Futures, 2018, pp. 1 - 12
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Within the diverse field of Urban Studies globally, attention is increasingly drawn to Asia and the Pacific Rim for two underlying reasons. First, the region’s heightened importance internationally, conceived from both within the lens of Urban Studies and more generally, specifically geo-politically. Second, as a mechanism to continue to redress the gap within Urban Studies historically, where attention has consistently focused upon developments and theories pertinent to Europe and North America. This book arises from the activities of the Urban Affairs Association (UAA), specifically the 2016 Annual Conference held in San Diego in April of that year. It is thematically divided into three parts. First, “Borders”, which consists of three chapters that combine Border Studies and Urban Studies to examine, in turn, the Russian-Japanese maritime borderlands, urban (in)security in Indonesia, particularly Jakarta, and rescaling processes in Sydney, Australia. Second, “Challenges”, which examines attempts to house the poor in Jakarta, the issue of service provision to the Informal Sector (IS) in Karachi and Lahore, the issues of education and (sub)urbanism in China’s cities and sustainability and Smart Cities as elements of India’s urban policy. Part three of the book, “Futures”, provides a strategic account of the development of and linkages between the Pearl River Delta (PRD), Vientiane-Central Laos, and Darwin and the Northern Territory as Asia’s burgeoning hinterland. Throughout, we ought to be cognizant that while urban theory is developing rapidly as it grapples with an emergent system of planetary urbanism, traditional strands of theorizing retain their usefulness in coming to terms with developments.
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