Assessment of environmental, economic and social benefits of trees in a Shoalhaven City Council case study

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2018, pp. 1 - 33 (33)
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Trees are valued assets in urban and suburban areas in cities and towns of the world. Trees can provide multiple benefits in social, environmental, ecological and economic domains as an important element of green infrastructure.This research estimated carbon storage and sequestration benefits, and air pollution reduction capacity of urban trees in a selected case study or project site located in the Shoalhaven City Council.Tree canopy growth modelling had been conducted on the project site considering four scenarios and was compared with the existing tree scenario.The outcomes of the project provide a snapshot of carbon and economic values provided by the urban trees and the importance of protecting the trees within built-up areas of towns and cities. Collaborative partnerships of local governments, communities, organisations and non-governmental organisations would be essential to develop appropriate planning policies for trees, and manage them effectively to provide better and liveable urban environments for communities of now and into the future.
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