In and Out: Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion in Joachim Ernst Berendt's Jazzbuch, or Towards the Biography of a Book

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Jazz & 100 An Alternative to a Story of Heroes, 2018, pp. 91 - 110
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In 1953 a book was born. Its sole parent, although there were various midwives, was given as Joachim Ernst Berendt (1922-2000), a broadcaster, journalist and producer, a man who came to be revered and reviled as Germany's so-called "jazz pope". In 1989 after the pope had retired from his day job at the Sudwestfunk public radio station and from the jazz community, and further settled into his role as New Age writer, the book gained an additional (step)father, Gunther Hues­mann, who had already assisted less formally on the previous (1981) edition. After Berendt's death in 2000, the stepfather became sole adoptive parent. Over the years, the book grew in all sorts of different measures, and at the time that I am writing this, it would be 64 years old. Well known, certainly. Approaching retire­ment age, maybe. But what sort of character has this book had? Whom has it liked and not liked? What sort of work has it undertaken? How has it won friends (and lost them), and why did it gain enemies?
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