Defluoridation by magnesia–pullulan: Surface complexation modeling and pH neutralization of treated fluoride water by aluminum

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Journal Article
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2018, 93 pp. 625 - 631
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© 2018 Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers The magnesia–pullulan composite (MgOP) achieved effective fluoride removal in previous research. In the present study, an acid-base titration experiment was conducted to investigate the properties of MgOP surface and further explore the mechanism of fluoride adsorption on MgOP. Results showed that the presence of chloride ions could improve fluoride adsorption on MgOP; however, additional nitrate ions had negligible impacts. A diffuse layer model and chemical equilibrium software (Visual MINTEQ 3.1) were used to simulate the acid-base titration data. The effects of initial pH values on the rate of fluoride uptake by MgOP were also studied. Moreover, aluminum salts were added to the fluoride solution with MgOP for the pH neutralization of treated water, in which aluminum chloride was preferred.
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