Digital development: Using the Smartphone to enhance screenwriting practice

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Mobile Story Making in an Age of Smartphones, 2018, pp. 21 - 29
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© Max Schleser, Marsha Berry 2018. In his chapter "Smartphone Screenwriting: Creativity, Technology, and Screenplays-on-the-Go", Craig Batty argues that while technological advances might seemingly be breeding new types of screenwriting practice via apps and digital tools, in fact they are almost exclusively responding to market demands and facilitating existing, rather than inspiring new, practices: "every tool and app is still reliant on what the screenwriter brings to it" (Batty, p. 113, in: Berry and Schleser (eds) Mobile Media Making in an Age of Smartphones. Palgrave, New York, 2014). The question still remains: if technology can determine the type, style and form of screen media being produced (e.g. smartphone filmmaking, the web series), can it also influence the ways these works are written, beyond replicating what happens in the analogue world? How might the capabilities of mobile media shape and enhance the story-making practices of a screenwriter?
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