Enabling Privacy-Preserving Shortest Distance Queries on Encrypted Graph Data

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IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, 2018
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IEEE When coming to perform shortest distance queries on encrypted graph data outsourced in external storage infrastructure such as cloud, a significant challenge is how to compute the shortest distance in an accurate, efficient and secure way. This issue is addressed by a recent work, which makes use of somewhat homomorphic encryption (SWHE) to encrypt distance values output by a 2-hop cover labeling (2HCL) scheme. However, it may import large errors and even yield negative results. Besides, SWHE would be too time-consuming for normal clients. In this paper, we propose GENOA, a novel Graph ENcryption scheme for shOrtest distAnce queries. GENOA employs only efficient symmetric-key primitives while significantly enhances the accuracy compared to the prior work. As a reasonable trade-off, it additionally reveals the order information among queried distance values in the 2HCL index. We theoretically prove the accuracy and security of GENOA under rigorous cryptographic model. Detailed experiments on eight real-world graphs demonstrate that GENOA is efficient and can produce almost exact results.
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