Audio Visual Link Suites in Custodial Contexts: Basic ergonomic and technical recommendations.

University of Technology Sydney
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2016, pp. 1 - 32 (32)
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The purpose of this project is to provide initial ergonomic and technical recommendations for custodial AVL suites. The recommendations are intended for use in assessing current facilities and contributing to the design of new AVL facilities in juvenile and adult custodial facilities. The research and testing was focused on AVL suites used to connect a person in custody with a court for a legal appearance. This included the use of the AVL suite to connect a person in custody with a legal practitioner, but contact with a health practitioner or other type of professional visit was not considered. Similarly, visits from family and loved ones was outside the scope of this work. The recommendations were developed using a combination of review of academic and industry practice literature relevant to AVL facilities and the testing of general configurations of an AVL custody suite using a full-scale adjustable mock-up. A summary of each of these methods is provided in the attachments.
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