Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Lessons in Innovation from the High-Tech Sector

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Journal Article
Journal of Innovation & Business Best Practice, 2018, 2018 (2018)
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This paper examines the major priorities and prevailing values of firms highly regarded for innovation success within the Australian high-tech sector. In conjunction with the Information Industry Association of Australia (AIIA), a survey was undertaken regarding member perceptions of peer enterprises most admired for innovation origination and delivery. 244 responses from 102 organisations were received, analysed and compared. Direct follow-up with selected enterprises then more closely examined factors deemed key to sustaining a cycle of innovation leadership. Findings suggest that firms most esteemed by peers also prioritise the realisation of innovation over simply making money - yet both high growth and cash flows are still habitually generated .Results also show that having a strong reputation for innovation is a competitive advantage in its own right as they attract invitation to cross-enterprise ecosystems and beneficial partner alliances. Interestingly however, topics linked to outsider/peer perceptions of rival enterprises seem to collect comparatively limited precedence within innovation debates. What our study shows is that balancing an internal reality of innovation with the external perception for innovation can lead firms to significant improvements in overall commercial performance.
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