A cascaded multilevel converter based on SOC closed loop tracking

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Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, 2018, 88 pp. 103 - 115
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© 2018, Electromagnetics Academy. All rights reserved. This paper proposes a cascaded multilevel converter to reduce the number of IGBT switches for the purpose of improving system stability and decreasing switching losses. This converter can eliminate second-order ripple caused by energy exchange between grid and batteries, and thus extend battery life. This cascaded connection between the equivalent buck/boost circuit and the half-bridge inverter is also able to reduce the number of switch tubes. A control strategy based on state of charge (SOC) closed-loop tracking is designed to implement t0068e errorless follow-up control of average SOC values for electric vehicle batteries. The equivalent circuit under different working modes of the topology is analyzed, and the effectiveness of the control strategy is verified. Simulated and experimental results show that this converter can effectively achieve grid connection requirements and balance the battery units to meet practical needs.
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