"Invisible Hands", History Lab Season 2 Podcast. (Producer: Olivia Rosenman, Contributing Historian: Jesse Adams Stein, Host: Tamson Pietsch, Executive Producer: Tom Allinson)

History Lab Podcast (Season 2, Episode 2), 2SER, 2018
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https://historylab.net/s2ep2-invisible-hands Where do jelly babies come from? Mass-produced things are all around us. But they all start with a single object. In this episode, Olivia goes looking for the patternmakers, whose invisible hands are the original creators of much of the stuff we use every day. They see a world no-one else can see. So why are they disappearing? And what will we lose when they are gone? “The story of workers being ‘deskilled’ by technology is a very old one, but that story is not over. In today’s economic framework, technology reigns triumphant, and anyone who doesn’t ‘keep up’ is simply branded as inflexible, a dinosaur from another time”, says Jesse Adams Stein. This episode of History Lab helps “us pause to think about the everyday objects around us, and ask – whose hands might have made those ‘original’ forms – and where are they now?” “We need to be conscious of the impacts of technological change, without necessarily taking an anti-technology, luddite view”, says Jesse. “We need to ask who benefits from new technology? What are its impacts? Is faster, cheaper, more efficient always better?” History Lab is a collaboration between the Australian Centre for Public History at the University of Technology Sydney and 2SER 107.3
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