Wideband Planarized Dual-Linearly-Polarized Dipole Antenna and Its Integration for Dual-Circularly-Polarized Radiation

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Journal Article
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 2018, 17 (12), pp. 2289 - 2293
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© 2002-2011 IEEE. A planarized dual-linearly-polarized (dual-LP) antenna and an integrated dual-circularly-polarized (dual-CP) antenna are proposed in this letter. For the dual-LP antenna, two groups of dipoles are fed by two balun-included feed networks to achieve ±45° polarizations. The feed networks and the radiators are printed on two sides of a substrate, forming a fully planar structure. Taking advantage of its planar configuration, the dual-LP antenna is further integrated with a wideband coupler to realize dual-CP radiation. The coupler is bent and squeezed into the space between the radiators and the reflector, leading to a compact structure. Both the dual-LP antenna and the dual-CP antenna have very stable radiation performances across a wide operating band >66%.
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