The Electric Highway: Intelligent Infrastructures for Kinetic Cities

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Urban Energy Transition: Renewable Strategies for Cities and Regions, 2018, 2nd edition, pp. 153 - 166
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Imagine a world thriving in abundant and ubiquitous energy for all, based only on sunshine, wind, and water, powering and empowering our cities and communities from within at little or no resource cost, building local prosperity and strengthening security and social cohesion: a world in which energy is just no issue—and the source of everyone’s wealth at the same time. Imagine energy and energy technology as embedded dimensions in this new city, rather than as external sources or a supply system. They are now no longer imported commodities, but intrinsically essential urban functions. This scenario lies within reach not only because it is so easily imaginable and compelling, but because it has already been demonstrated across many cities, towns, businesses, and communities today. This new energy world is renewable and sustainable, local and yet global, continental and regional. It emerges as a loose and redundant tangle of systems, kept energized by a myriad of consumers and providers, often and frequently switching roles. It links power, heat and cooling, storage and networks, stationary and mobile systems and agents. Applied in islands and across grids alike, it embraces utilities and networks as enablers, and communities as accountable partners.
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