Room-temperature solution synthesis of Bi2O3 nanowires for gas sensing application

Institute of Physics (UK)
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Journal Article
Gou Xinglong et al. 2009, 'Room-temperature solution synthesis of Bi2O3 nanowires for gas sensing application', Institute of Physics (UK), vol. 20, no. 49, pp. 495501-1-495501-5.
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A simple room-temperature solution chemical route for bulk synthesis of high quality ?- Bi2O3 nanowires has been demonstrated. The nanowires have a diameter of about 50 nm and a length in the range of several to tens of micrometers. It was found that oleic acid played an important role in directing the growth of ?- Bi2O3 nanowires along the [10\bar {2}] direction, and the diameter of the nanowires increased with an increase of the reaction temperature. Furthermore, the Bi2O3 nanowire sensors are highly sensitive to ppm-levels of NO2 in ambient air with fast response, good selectivity and stability, indicating their potential applications for environmental monitoring and pollution control.
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