Sustainable Retrofitting - Global Strategies & Implementation Issues

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Journal Article
Modern Environmental Science & Engineering, 2018, 4 (3), pp. 244 - 253 (10)
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This paper examines the issues related to the implementation of sustainable Retrofitting in the construction industry and the various initiatives and approaches that are being used in various countries around the world to promote the retrofitting of existing buildings. Whilst existing buildings generally represent approximately 98% of the total building stock sustainable design and construction initiatives have typically tended to focus on new buildings. However, the past decade has seen greater focus placed on existing buildings. The research methodology is based on a literature review of the key global issues in relation to retrofitting and then a detailed investigation of implementation strategies and “best practices” that have been developed in a range of countries and cities around the world. The research reveals that there are considerable implementation issues. The key problems relate to the lack of incentives for existing building owners to retrofit their buildings and the difficulties in adequately communicating the retrofitting “business case” to these owners. Nevertheless, an increasing number of countries are developing successful retrofitting implementation strategies. A key finding was the importance of coordinated government support, leadership and incentives as a critical driver for sustainable retrofitting of the existing building stock.
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