Mise en Abîme: Drawn Intersections between image, body, and space

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Journal Article
Synnt-Origins, 2018, 2018 (3), pp. 186 - 210
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The aim of this paper is to explore the nature of the drawn image as a visual and imaginative activator or disruptor when enacted by bodily gesture, and sitting within an expanded and performative context. Drawing in connection with time-based media, and the performative body is considered to be an interactive, reflective, and durational act that highlights fluid intersections between body, image, surface and screen. The paper proposes that visual traces, residues and gestures created through acts of subtle disruption by an imaged or surfaced garment can be considered a catalyst for evolving forms of drawn interpretation, facilitating the expansion of art and design practices and its outcomes. New hybrid drawn images and forms can appear and be revealed – part body, part image, part constructed space – in this in-between space of art and design practice that engages the viewer in a visual and imaginative dialogue between image, form, and space; a form of visual and imaginative wondering through the ‘act’ of drawing enables the viewer to question how these drawn images/forms came into being and their existence in a film context.
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