Acoustic Sensor Networks and Mobile Robotics for Sound Source Localization

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Conference Proceeding
IEEE International Conference on Control and Automation, ICCA, 2019, 2019-July pp. 1453 - 1458
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© 2019 IEEE. Localizing a sound source is a fundamental but still challenging issue in many applications, where sound information is gathered by static and local microphone sensors. Therefore, this work proposes a new system by exploiting advances in sensor networks and robotics to more accurately address the problem of sound source localization. By the use of the network infrastructure, acoustic sensors are more efficient to spatially monitor acoustical phenomena. Furthermore, a mobile robot is proposed to carry an extra microphone array in order to collect more acoustic signals when it travels around the environment. Driving the robot is guided by the need to increase the quality of the data gathered by the static acoustic sensors, which leads to better probabilistic fusion of all the information gained, so that an increasingly accurate map of the sound source can be built. The proposed system has been validated in a real-life environment, where the obtained results are highly promising.
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