Dual quasi-halbach linear tubular actuator with coreless moving-coil for semiactive and active suspension

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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2018, 65 (12), pp. 9873 - 9883
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© 1982-2012 IEEE. This paper proposes the application of a specific topology of coreless linear tubular actuator for semiactive and active suspension systems. The actuator consists of two quasi-Halbach arrays of permanent magnets, inner and outer, and a moving-coil armature. Some of the advantages of this actuator for the proposed applications include low moving mass, low ripple of force, reduced magnetic losses, and high force density. The paper also introduces a new method for determining actuator requirements to operate with an active and/or semiactive suspension system and presents the application of the proposed approach to a harmonically base excited single degree-of-freedom suspension system. Additionally, the electromagnetic model for magnetic field distribution, open-circuit induced voltage, and axial force and force ripple was developed and validated by means of finite-element analysis and with experimental results obtained from a prototype.
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