A Review of the Parametric Characteristics of Urban Environment and it's Influence to the Urban Quality of Life

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Conference Proceeding
Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal, 2018, 3 (7), pp. 341 - 349
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This study covers the researchers' effort on the influence of the urban environment parameters and factors related to the quality of life of the urban inhabitants. The design and the construction industries have an increasing attention in and concern for environmental effects to the cycle of urban fabrics and structural health. The growth of urbanization had become an integral part of in various essential parametric matrix confronted by rapid structural growth and their influence on the life pattern of urban dwellers. The purpose of this study is to investigate the parametric characteristics of the urban environment at the multidimensional scale and which needs to be inspected and verified by experiments and observational processes. A valid model in neighborhood scale has been employed for the analysis of relevant data. Results displayed are vital importance to the environmental modification in micro level and enormous macro-level.
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